Thursday, October 27

today i had my official OP dry run in class. and it was pretty screw up.
i actually made an effort to wake up at 5.30am to look through it. trying to train my speaking ability and also to impress the audience, i've decided to present without any usage of scrips or cue cards.

Well. It went well for the unofficial presentation, but it turned out to be bad in the real situation.

I always wanted to be good in speaking. As an aim to be a successful entrepreneur in the future (hopefully), public speaking should be mastered.


felt down or rather demoralized when my group mates asked me to use a script. the faith of succeeding without cue cards shattered into pieces.

You must be curious when I re-blogged. Actually I totally forgot about my blog until one of my friends ask me to update. It was so shocking as I had the mindset that my blog is some sort of a vase, just for display. Someone actually reads it o.0 haha well so not to let that person down, I've decided to write.. well maybe not everyday, but..sometimes i guess? :)

*I'm Blogging From My School, During Lesson*

Wonder what my classmates response be if they found out that I secretly blogs. totally mind-blowing hahaha.

Oh wells. Blogging can help reorganize my grammar skills. so i see the benefits of it.

thats all for today. hope this post SHOCKS the readers! HA!

Thursday, July 28

i guess im too stressed till I'm totally speechless.
outta words.
promos in 66 days. and i still cant find my study methods.

fuck the world seriously. gimme some space and lemme live my life.

conflicts everywhere. how to live like that. problems everywhere.
i should go fuck myself up and get a smarter brain or what.

Friday, June 10


hahaha that means M'sia is way more fun than S'pore.

but still....



Wednesday, April 27

hey mates!

i'll try to resume my days of blogging, all those cramming schedule really makes me stop doing anything I want @_@

anyway, just wanna share with you guys that I'm currently having National Badminton Tournament!
Today I had my first official badminton match in my life against Temasek JC, but I lost. The score was both 18 - 21. It was a close one, maybe if i lessen the mistakes, I could beat them ;(
But the coach still praise me for my decent performance as an amateur, which was rare cause scolding and punishing was always his policy of teaching @_@

One more day and im done with the competitions! Finally, I can focus on my studies. These months I've been aiming to achieve the President position, so i neglected my studies :( which made alot of teacher kept on yelling on my homework punctuality =(

Off to bed now,damn tired =_=
ciaoz :D

Saturday, April 23

Hey fellas!
It has been so long. I know I know you all demand for an update but 4months have passed so I'm so sorry about that :P
I will try to update as frequent as I can now ;)

Once again, home fucking sweet home :)
I can't imagine how life would be if I stay out too long.
Home has really given me warmth, security and love. No other places could have been its replacement. The feeling of coming home is awesome!
Love ma bed. Love ma Bathroom. Love my family!!

I'll just give a brief summary today:

Today was shitty fun! Haven't been hanging out for the past 4months because of crammed schedule and curricular activity. Finally! A real hang out :)
Watched "Limitless" - which was a decent movie.
Drank "ChatTime" (was it? i forgot :P) that bubbletea was hell yeah tasty
And John King Choc.Tarts. woots. my tongue jolted with the exposure of that tantalizing egg tart ;)
Later, my brain kept picturing of Waffles. Man I'm deeply in love with Waffles these days. Been eating tons of it in SG. BubbleTea and Waffles. My Gay Partners. (LOL DO THEY EVEN HAVE SEXUALITY?) In the End, ended up eating IceCream Waffles. One bite of it and my heart melted ;)
after finishing, went for some shopping for mom and bought J&CO as a treat for the girls.

Thats it. One holiday down, but i didn't regret it. It was super fun to the max. Hope to have more of it in the future ;)

Dont be Emo. Be a Hero instead ;)

Saturday, January 1

How can the world possibly end in 2012 if i have yoghurt that expires in 2013??

hahas. great joke. world ending or not, i dont care. just live your life,honestly. do what you want to do, and say what you want to say. always be honest to yourself. there would always be problems arising but we have no choice but to squeeze your own very brain and solve it, no matter how; but if you cant, just bear with it. Life still has to move on. Time dont stop. You're gonna grow old if you stop.

Say what you need to say and dont hide your feelings. To be honest to yourself and also to others is my belief. Maybe things would be better after everything? Who knows. Just dont make yourself regret.

I once had a superb extraordinary friend and I still want that friend. Please dont go :)

Happy New Year to everybody in this world!!
New Year, New Hope.


Thursday, December 30

does a girl always judge a guy by its appearance? how and by what way man are attractive to girls?
is there a definition? or just merely the looks or his eyes or his features or his perfectly-shaped facade that what we call - Handsome. Hot.

One look and both are in love. how often does that happen? it's true i guess, but rare i can assure.

Fall for appearance or inner qualities? I hear people say, nowadays, they fall for appearance. And the more evil ones, fall for wealth.

I think i'm going crazy. Let's hope it's just for today.